Download Sleepy Hollow [Season 4 Episode 12] – Tomorrow


In the future, Jenny leads an underground resistance against Dreyfuss, which is crushed by Lara and the Horsemen, Lara believing that her mother died resisting Dreyfuss in a misguided rebellion, but witnesses her mother behind War’s armour when it is damaged in the fight. After confronting Dreyfuss, she locates Crane—who she had long believed had been executed—and learns the truth about her mother. Using the Grand Grimoire, she sends herself back in time to prevent Dreyfuss’s rise to power. Upon witnessing Crane becoming War, Diana and Lara flee and return to the Vault. Some of Crane’s blood interacts with the dark webbing, allowing Parrish to resurrect himself, albeit much more kind-hearted than the original. He suggests that Katrina’s decoupling ritual may be able to save Crane. Someone breaks into the Vault and steals a rare artifact, so Lara and Diana go to retrieve Katrina’s books, while Jenny and the others determine that the stolen item is the Draugur Stone, which Jobe uses to revive the Horseman’s Hessian followers and send them to attack Sleepy Hollow. Lara enters Crane’s mind and convinces him to reject War’s power. Using the last of his energy, Crane destroys the Hessians. Parrish meets with Jobe and Dreyfuss and agrees to take his father’s place as the Horseman of War.